How To Help

Arion Productions relies entirely upon our fundraising efforts to create our productions, events and other opportunities for theatre-makers. We believe in paying all of the artists we work with as fairly as possible, even when we are working in small venues with as little as 50 seats per performance where a profitable recoupment is almost impossible.

If you have enjoyed our productions, worked with us or if you believe that funding the arts is as vital as we do then please join our latest scheme ‘Friends of Arion’ which will allow us to invest your donations into future opportunities for theatre-makers, allow us to keep you updated as to all we’re up to and offer you exclusive events to meet with all those that make Arion Productions possible. We see every donation as a valuable one and we ask you to give what you can.

Please Donate now and become a friend of Arion.

If you are a company or organisation and would like to Sponsor Arion or any of our productions. Please visit our Sponsors page. For those that may be able to offer support in other ways rather than a financial donation such as free services or products, please use our Contact Form so one of the team can get back to you to see how we can collaborate.

Thank you.

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