005: Kim Ismay – #Ghostcat.

Kim Ismay joins the Show People Podcast almost immediately after stepping off a plane and getting back to the UK after appearing all over the world as Madam Morrible in the international tour of the musical Wicked. This episode is both hysterical and inspiring as Andrew probes Kim all about her many credits, including appearing in Mamma Mia as Tanya for many years, plus iconic productions such as Acorn Antiques, The Rocky Horror Show, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Lautrec, About Bill and even an episode of Strange But True! She’ll also go into great detail about being a ‘character actress’, typecasting and even a story involved #ghostcat.

Episode features include:

The Soapbox:

Andrew and Kim discuss theatre etiquette, including their worst experiences of audience behaviour, the trials and tribulations of the stage door, the worst kinds of food to bring to the theatre and their views on how audiences should behave during a performance.

Theatrical Tips:

Andrew shares some theatrical tips of things to pop into your diary this October 2017.

The Platform:

We feature a song by composer Alexander Bermange (Radio 4, BBC World Service) from his new album Wit and Whimsy called, ‘I Wish That My Life Were Like a Musical’ performed by Gina Beck, who is currently appearing as Miss Honey in Matilda at the Cambridge Theatre.

Plus Show People challenges, tangents and much, much more.


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Wit & Whimsy by Alexander Bermange is released on the Spectacular Music label, both as a deluxe 2 CD set from Amazon (http://amzn.to/2mQUbWi) and Dress Circle (http://bit.ly/WitWhimsy), and to download from iTunes (http://apple.co/2lX41rh) and all music download stores.
Theatrical Tips include Vibrant Festival at the Finborough Theatre at www.finboroughtheatre.co.uk, Whither Would You Go? at www.whitherwouldyougo.com , Kristen Chenoweth in Concert at www.seetickets.com
Matthew Strachan’s website: www.matthewstrachan.co.uk
Official website for Wicked: www.wickedthemusical.co.uk
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