009: Andrew Keates is HIV+ (World AIDS Day Special)

Andrew charts the history of HIV & AIDS, discusses how he discovered he was HIV+ and who gave it to him, creating both the Finborough and West End productions of William M. Hoffman’s first AIDS play, As Is, how he told his friends and the response from the theatre industry after coming out as HIV+ during West End Eurovision and the many issues he faces living with HIV today.


All music except the Show People theme-tune is composed by Matthew Strachan for both the Finborough Theatre and West End productions of As Is by William M. Hoffman.

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This episode is a special episode for World AIDS day. The Show People Podcast is usually a biweekly podcast. The next episode will be released 4th December 2017 and will be with actor, writer, director and teach Pete Gallagher. Please hit subscribe and leave us a review on iTunes or whichever platform you listen to us on.