037: Danny-Boy Hatchard blagged it all the way.

We’re back for series three of The Show People Podcast! Andrew sits down with actor Danny-Boy Hatchard and the two discuss Danny-Boy’s working class upbringing and those that gave him opportunities and the obstacles he faced, his time in training at ArtsEd, appearing in Beautiful Thing at the Arts Theatre and working with his favourite director Nikolai Fosterh on that production and a number of other productions. They also discuss ow his life changed when he was cast in EastEnders working with Danny Dyer, Annette Badland and Timothy West and what life is really like on Albert Square.

The Platform:

We hear a song called Self Checkout, performed by Maria Leon from The Memory Robot, music and lyrics by Amir Shoenfeld, book by Matthew Greene, based on a story by Amir Shoenfeld, Matthew Greene and Rebeca McDonald.

Plus all of our regular sections, including Dramatic News and our infamous Show People Podcast challenges.

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