041: Rosalind James was a quiet child

Rosalind James on The Show People Podcast With Andrew Keates

Andrew is joined by Rosalind James just before she performs a showcase of her new musical Stigma – a piece about HIV/AIDS. In one of the most emotional episodes we’ve ever produced, Rosalind discusses some very difficult times in her life as well as her experiences training at Sylvia Young Theatre School and performing in shows such as Les Miserables (where she was the first black Eponine), Hair, Ragtime, Little Shop Of Horrors and more. Rosalind split one of her vocal chord whilst working on a show; an event she found totally disabling, both mentally and physically and she opens up about her fight to regain her reputation and quash the industry’s misconceptions about her.

Trigger Warning: this episode includes discussions about abuse, mental health struggles, suicide and abortion. If you find yourself becoming upset during the episode, please contact the organisation or person you rely upon for support.

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Andrew gives some great tips to save money this Christmas.

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We hear a song written and performed by Rosalind from her new musical Stigma. 

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