Album of original music from As Is and Passing By released in support of The Make a Difference Trust

PBAIAlbumArion Productions are excited to announce the release of their debut album which includes Matthew Strachan’s original scores from William M. Hoffman’s As Is and Martin Sherman’s Passing By. Strachan’s best-known music is the soundtrack to the international hit TV show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? All proceeds from the iTunes album release will be donated to The Make A Difference Trust.

The MAD Trust raises funds from the British Entertainment community and its audiences to support people living with HIV and AIDS and those in the entertainment industry facing hardship as a result of any long-term medical condition.

Director Andrew Keates describes his productions of As Is and Passing By as two chapters of the same story. Passing By (currently at Tristan Bates Theatre) is a charming romantic comedy, set against the backdrop of 1970s innocence, about the love between two men whose hearts pull them together as their lives pull them apart. As Is (which played at the Finborough earlier this year) follows a gay couple and the reactions to the terrifying outbreak and development of AIDS in mid-eighties New York. It is a heartbreaking and unsparing examination of a deeply felt human relationship shattered by a mindless, destructive disease.

Composer Matthew Strachan says ‘The scores for the two productions couldn’t be more different. As Is has a contemporary soundtrack that is alienating with a pulse mirroring the momentum of the disease while paying homage to popular dance music of the club scene at the time. The music for Passing By is quite another thing. To accompany transitions between scenes and indicate time passing, the music suggests the innocence and relative warmth of the era.’

Passing By is currently at the Tristan Bates Theatre until 30th November starring Rik Makarem and James Cartwright. The production has been fantastically received by audiences and critics alike. The Stage said this is “a timeless, comedic gem”. While Entertainment Focus commented

“Passing By is a terrific revival of a great play. If you haven’t seen it before, don’t pass up this opportunity”. Reviewsgate said “It has made the transfer perfectly; the new leads could not be bettered” while, in the same vein, the British Theatre Guide said that “Rik Makarem and James Cartwright play delightfully together as artist Toby and diving champion Simon”. In her ***** review, Susan Elkin of What’s On Stage wrote “The acting is impeccably intelligent … It is quite an achievement to create something which is touching, serious and satisfying but never allowed to degenerate into cheap tragedy.”

Album Title: As Is & Passing By (Original Scores)
Artist: Matthew Strachan
Release Date: 19 November 2013
Price: £7.49 (iTunes – £7.99)
Label: Nessus Records, © 2013 Mary James Music Publishing
UPC: 859711590290
Stores: iTunes, Amazon MP3, Google Play and eMusic

To download the album, go to:
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Track listing:
01. A Bench Outside The Park (Passing By)
02. What Colour Are Your Eyes? (Passing By)
03. Until We’re Well (Passing By)
04. They Have Bicycles In Paris (Passing By)
05. Just Passing By (Passing By)
06. Reactions (As Is)
07. I Pick Up Guys (As Is)
08. The First Time I Heard (As Is)
09. Photo Shoot / Rich & Chet (As Is)
10. Hot Line. Are You A Gay Man? (As Is)
11. Training On The East River Drive (As Is)
12. Christopher Street Drug Dealers (As Is)
13. Paradise In A Puddle (As Is)
14. I’ll Take You As Is (As Is)

Tickets for Passing By are available from: and on 020 7240 6283, priced £14 (£12 concessions).
For more information regarding The Make A Difference Trust please visit: