Here are some testimonials from some of the young production team members that Arion has supported so far.

Tom Lake“Whilst an intern at The Finborough Theatre I approached Andrew [Keates] asking to shadow him during the rehearsals of As Is – I was eager to see a directors craft in the early stages of a production. He welcomed the idea and was intrigued with the early developments of my career, specifically offering advice and guidance inside and outside of the rehearsal room. Arion then offered me the position to be Assistant Stage Manager on the show As Is and consequently several of their following productions. Through this unexpected opportunity, Arion gave me exposure and an insight into the industry. I cannot recommend Arion enough! Their gracious welcome across different generations and walks of life is heartfelt and worth its weight in gold.”
Tom Lake – Assistant Director and Assistant Stage Manager.


Lucie Wolfman


“Arion Productions Ltd have been a dream to work with. Throughout my time as Assistant Stage Manager for The White Feather – they were passionate, supportive and always approachable. Arion is the first theatre company I have worked for and it has been great to receive real exposure to the industry. I can wholeheartedly recommend Arion, who through uniting and nurturing talent across generations, are significantly reinstating artistic values in the world of theatre.”
Lucie Wolfman – Assistant Stage Manager / Public Relations


Anthony Whiteman“A superb production company who really do support the next generation of theatrical talents across the board.  Arion gave me a platform to share my work, which in turn helped to re-introduce me to the theatre community as a Choreographer.  They are passionate, professional and incredibly positive to work with. They have strong artistic credentials and produce work of the highest possible quality.  I would cherish the opportunity to work Arion again on another production. They push boundaries and create thoroughly engaging work for a wide audience, makes this company one with values, which is so refreshing and exciting to work with.”
Anthony Whiteman – Choreographer.


Rose Adolph


“Arion Productions have repeatedly given me paid opportunities to practice and develop my craft in costume on some highly artistic and extraordinary productions. The opportunities they give to young people are second to none and I am very grateful for them in supporting and nurturing my career during its early stages. Please support them and their work because they provide a very special, vital platform for all theatre-makers to learn by doing”
Rose Adolph – Costume Supervisor


chuck2“Arion not only gifted me my first professional job as Company Stage Manager on The White Feather, but they spring boarded my entire career meaning I haven’t been out of work since working with them. The brilliant opportunities this company provides are second to none and the wealth of experience I gained during The White Feather, prepared me for what the future years may throw at me. After being invited onto the board for Arion, my passion and support for this innovative company has only increased. I cannot praise the company highly enough for the opportunities they provide to young, fresh and forgotten talent. A truly supportive, creative, artistic and passionate production company with standards that won’t be allowed to drop. Thank you Arion.”
Chuck Deer – Company Stage Manager and Head of Production for Arion Productions Ltd.

Pippa Batt


“I first met Andrew [Keates] when Arion was still in its conception stage and have witnessed and been a part of its growth as a diverse and supportive environment from the beginning.  As a young designer, Arion have offered me the opportunity to explore my own creative potential in a range of fantastic venues and have given me the freedom to play with new writing and work alongside some of the most established and exciting creatives in the industry.”
Pippa Batt – Costume Designer and Supervisor.


James Nicholson“Working with Arion Productions has been wonderful. Not only have they given me the opportunity to collaborate with other fabulous creatives and performers but they have given me the opportunity do things my way, with all the creative freedom I could hope for. As a director, Andrew Keates is someone you aren’t afraid to bounce ideas off and thoroughly encourages collaboration to create the best work possible. Executive producer Andrew Harmer is the bedrock of support who will always be there to help you get the end product you are aiming for, as is the whole Arion team. Every time I head towards another Arion production I know that it will have a stella cast, wonderfully inventive creatives and it will be another show I am incredibly proud of!”
James Nicholson – Sound Designer

Amber Chapell

“My first professional stage management job upon graduating from Theatre School was Arion’s production of Passing By. To learn from the other theatre-makers around me on Passing By was an opportunity I’ll never forget. The play was a huge success and I’m still proud of it to this day. My time with Arion cemented a solid foundation for my future as a freelancer by hugely boosting my confidence in my own abilities”
Amber Chapell – Stage Manager


Dustin Conrad“When Andrew [Keates] asked me to work with him on the music for a brand new musical,The White Feather, I knew that it would be the start of an extremely exciting and highly creative process. Throughout rehearsals and development of the piece, company members across all departments would be encouraged to make suggestions, experiment with new ideas and contribute to the creation of the final show. This supportive and collaborative culture meant that when working on the rewrites of musical numbers and underscores, I would be bouncing ideas back and forth with both Andrew and the cast at all times so that together we could discover the final shape of the music and how to best serve the piece and the performers. For this to happen in such a uniquely organic way made it all the more rewarding and ensured that every member of the company retained a sense of creative ownership of the final show. It felt only right to extend this culture to my fabulous musicians who contributed greatly to the final arrangements in the show. Working with Arion Productions has allowed me to collaborate with a group of very talented creatives and performers in a uniquely nurturing environment and the experience I have gained from the whole process has been invaluable.”
Dustin Conrad – Musical Director

Evan Walker“Arion Productions Ltd gave me my first ever job as the Assistant Stage Manager for their production of Dessa Rose. With the knowledge of my intent to build a career as an actor, they wanted to help me get industry experience any way I could and by doing this I would be around professional actors 6 days, 8 shows a week! This was a big risk for Arion as I was 18 years old, had just left sixth form and had no professional experience. But they had faith and their ability to see my potential was remarkable and truly moving. Arion made me feel very welcome and comfortable. Whilst I always tried my best they made sure I knew that it was okay to mess up and that everyone makes mistakes. Dessa Rose (performed at Trafalgar Studios) had an extremely successful run and received high critical acclaim. As a result of my hard work and success on the show I was invited to do work experience on the production of Richard III (our neighbouring show at Traf) and was asked to be the Assistant Stage Manager on Arion’s next production of As Is (also performed at Trafalgar Studios). Having already built a relationship with Andrew Keates and Andrew Harmer I had no hesitations about doing another show with them, and what a fantastic show it was! I am eternally grateful for the wealth of knowledge and experience Arion have given me. Without them I wouldn’t have the confidence I do today.”
Evan Walker – Assistant Stage Manager