Pauline McLynn on The Show People Podcast

043: Pauline McLynn is too old for Jesus (Christmas Special)

Merry Christmas from The Show People Podcast! For our final episode of 2019 Andrew is joined by actor and author Pauline McLynn! Pauline is best known for playing Mrs Doyle in the iconic sitcom Father[…]

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Rosalind James on The Show People Podcast With Andrew Keates

041: Rosalind James was a quiet child

Andrew is joined by Rosalind James just before she performs a showcase of her new musical Stigma – a piece about HIV/AIDS. In one of the most emotional episodes we’ve ever produced, Rosalind discusses some[…]

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036: The 98% & The Show People Podcast Xmas Special (Dedicated to Hamleys’ elves)

It’s Christmaaaaas! And The Show People Podcast has teamed up with Alexa Morden and Katie Elin-Salt of The 98% Podcast to bring you a very special Christmas crossover episode. The 98% takes a comedic, brutally[…]

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011: A Christmas mouthful from West End Producer

It’s Christmaaaaaaaaaas! And we’ve released a festive edition of the Snow People… We mean the Show People Podcast with our host and director, Andrew Keates and special guest… West End Producer (or WEP)! – The[…]

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