Rosalind James on The Show People Podcast With Andrew Keates

041: Rosalind James was a quiet child

Andrew is joined by Rosalind James just before she performs a showcase of her new musical Stigma – a piece about HIV/AIDS. In one of the most emotional episodes we’ve ever produced, Rosalind discusses some[…]

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027: Frances Ruffelle broke her Tony Award

Frances Ruffelle is a Tony Award winning actor and recording artist. She caught up with Andrew Keates to discuss growing up as the daughter of Sylvia Young, the formation of her mother’s famous theatre school,[…]

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024: Cassie Compton likes to dress as a crow

Cassie Compton talks with director Andrew Keates about growing up in Crouch End, London in a home filled with music and her supportive teachers during education and her early experiences in the West End as[…]

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